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Capt. Thomas Hamer, MS-MFT
Executive Director, Open Door Ministry

"Because of Them !"

By: Reverend Fr. ~ Dr. Ron Manclaw

Jesus is the Son of God, the Creator of All and his Mother - "Mary"!, I believe! He is my personal Savior and Redeemer.

Because of Him, death is not the end, and my life was another...new beginning! 'I Am!' takes on whole and new meaning. We are not here to exist but to enjoy - all of it: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! We can change, we can start over and&nbbsp;we can live again - be reborn with God. This Easter, celebrate, rejoice His Death because 'HE' freely gave up his life for each and every one of us who freely choose to believe that with his spirit our heart is full. I think Easter is discovering all that’s possible..Because of Them !. There is a price for being a believer...it is the knowing; and, now - the doing all that is...'your' - own hearts' desire! You are God's unique...masterpiece! You are expected to love and delight in believing God's promise!

Pray with me...."Live Well and be happy and prosperous!"

Reverend Fr., Dr. Ron Manclaw Easter Sunday! 2014
Sr. 'Elected' Chaplain - Open Door Ministry, Inc.
Reverend Dr. Ron Manclaw

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World AIDS Day

Alvin Hanson


   Per Annual Meeting 12/2007, Current Board of Directors for 2008:
      Resident Agent(s): Dr. Ronald R. and A. David  Manclow

       Rev. Dr. Ron Manclaw, CEO  (954) 975-9600
       Senior Chaplain - President/Treasurer

       Elizabeth A. Hanby, Director  (561) 213-5433

       Rev. Dyana Hesse, Director (954) 726-6750

       Capt. Thomas Hamer, Executive Director*  (954) 802-0474

       Peter Rafeiner, Director  (954) 258-7980

       Note: The amended prime directive of Consumer Counseling Services,
                Inc. (legally renewed FL; dba 2007 for 10 years)
                - Open Door Ministry (web address  http://www.opendoorministry.net );
                      renewed  January, 2008
                - To implement as directed by HPCN - WORLDWIDE, Inc.
                   - a 501 (c)(3) Worldwide (Revised Scope in 2006 Filed with IRS
                      in 2007)
                   - To implement (as possible) "A World of Interactive Neighbors"
                       - a 501 (c)(3)  in direct association (954) 675-2515 RR

    HIV/AIDS Pastoral Care Network - WORLDWIDE, Incorporated
    2180 NW 18th Avenue, Suite A-6, M/S: 15
    Pompano Beach, FL (USA) 33069-1320
    Main:  (954) 972-6000  FAX: (954) 524-8150

    Rev. Dr. Ron Manclaw, CEO  (954) 975-9600    Senior Chaplain - President

    Rev. Dyana Hesse, Director

    Howard Isaacs, CPA, Director - Treasurer - Acting

    Peter Rafeiner, Director - Transportation, IT and Corporate Security

    Ross Wheatley, Director

    All HPCNW Board and Directors have specific
    assignments within ODM/CCS, Inc.
    Prime Directive: See 'Security Model' on ODM - Website.

    Per Annual Meeting 12/2007, Current HPCNW Board of Directors
    for 2008:  Resident Agent(s): Rev. Dr. Ronald R. and A. David Manclow


Therapeutic Services


December 24, 2005

HIV/AIDS Pastoral Care Network - WORLDWIDE
Corporate Headquarters, Pompano Beach, Florida

Today Alvin and John Hansen, Trustees of the former major Bank of America Trust, now called Pennibanctrust and ABVA Trust of California have announced completion and recording of a major private, tax deductible, charitable, humanitarian donation in Sacramento, California with the Secretary of State to the HIV/AIDS Pastoral Care Network WORLDWIDE.

HPCN, Inc./Open Door Ministry is a federal 501(c)(3) Charitable Not-For-Profit humanitarian organization. HPCNs prime directive is to work with people who have HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C, STDs, and /or other opportunistic diseases in The United States, North America and throughout the world; and assist with their orphaned children. The World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated this pandemic (even with improved medical treatments and preventative measures) is anticipated will kill over 400,000,000 people and leave an estimated 1.2 billion orphans.

This humanitarian donation is intended to permanently allow the Board of Directors of HPCN WORLDWIDE to create an endowment as they have voted unanimously to endow this ministry as soon as these funds can be transferred from interest accounts in Pennibanctrust and ABVA Trusts,

Our HPCN - Worldwide organization wishes to extend heartfelt gratitude to the benefactors of this major humanitarian donation. Our enormous scope of work has just begun.

William J. Clinton Foundation

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All healer(s), please sign-in for data and all up-dates pertaining to and/or concern-ing "our" anointed, dedicated, established, healing/counseling pastoral care, aid and support network as we implement going on-line. ODM/HPCN - with interactive, on-call pastoral intercession and medical/ secondary opinions and monitored healing with pastoral clinical care support for all our members who are in pastoral care healing within the State of Florida, Nation-wide and International; GOD willing and as possible.

Since 1994, we have been a healing ministry. "Our" pastoral care network is growing and includes clinicians, healers, counselors, care givers - professionals and volunteers who have been providing loving, anointed, spiritual GODly loving care. All varieties of healers are welcome and have been welcomed to this "all faiths", interfaith, ministry. Open Door Ministry has always protected, under "our" ODM/HPCN (TM) ministry seal, (under United States of America federal laws, electing: Not To Relinquish Any USA Common Law; and. under The Constitu-tion of the United States of America) the privacy of all those we serve and all those who serve in "our" pastoral care network. Our records are private, pastoral care, and are not medical as ruled by the Supreme Court of the USA.

ODM/HPCN(TM) pastoral care healing includes volunteer/professional, licensed/ unlicensed, certified/uncertified, ordained pastoral monitored care, with on-call - medical doctor/alternative medical specialists - second opinions/referrals with monitoring for all pathology/psychology. "Our" pastoral care healers including the counselors (degreed/certified/intercessor/mental health/12 step/drug and dependence/spiritual and other) , clinicians, intercessors, specialists (certified hypnosis/hypnotherapy; licensed acupuncture/herbalists/oriental medicine and many, many alternate spiritual healers including most western medical and/or cultural practices.)

Note: "Our" ministry do NOT judge others; but, we try to accommodate most local/national/unique origin, shamanic/medical, family and/or elder concerns where ever possible without regard to religion, creed, national origin, sex, color, handicap, race, status. We are well documented, by third party medical doctors, for our results using our hands-on healing, remote healing - all GODly loving care anointing/gifts.

If you can help people and/or want to try to help the people we seek to serve who may be in pain, or are often hurting -- we applaud you; and, we encourage you to consider becoming a partner with our ministry. We to NOT expect anyone who becomes a partner to do anything but we encourage you to become all that you can become with the GOD of your understanding. However, if you become a spiritual healer with our ministry you will be afforded spiritual covering, rights, benefits and privileges, as you may choose, under our ministry - under its' seal, under its' pastoral care Senior Chaplain, other senior pastoral chaplains and you MUST abide by our rules and be subject to review and monitoring by the Board of of Directors and follow our pastoral care healing procedures, under and by GOD.

Consumer Counseling Services, Inc.; Divisions: Open Door Ministry (ODM) and HIV/AIDS (and ALL Catastrophic Illnesses) Pastoral Care Network, Inc. are Florida Not-For-Profit Corporations.

HPCN is also a Federally chartered 501 (c)(3) Not-For-Profit Corporation, allowing our chaplain/healer's to provide pastoral care, aid, and healing or counseling care service anywhere nationally or in the World.

Again, please consider becoming a pastoral care partner; and, clinicians, please do NOT forget to sign-in - now!


   Senior Women's Chaplain:  Reverend Dyana Hesse  
                                            (954) 726-6750
   Executive Director - Director of Marriage and Family Therapy
      Chaplain/Captain Thomas Hamer   
                                            (954) 802-0474

   APPOINTMENT(S):  HIV/AIDS Pastoral Care Network (of USA), Inc.

   Senior Chaplain:  Chaplain Ron Manclaw, BSIE/MBA (954) 975-9600

   Senior Women's Chaplain:  Reverend Dyana Hesse  
                                            (954) 726-6750; (954) 975-9600

   Executive Director - Director of Marriage and Family Therapy:
           Chaplain/Captain Thomas Hamer   
                                            (954) 802-0474; (954) 975-9600

   HIV/AIDS Medical Clinics - National Supervisor
   Rick Sawaya, MD
                                     (954) 975-9600

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